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Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd has a well- established experience in the following fields:

Thierry Ador


Droit administratif général, Droit des étrangers, Installation en Suisse

Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd has a long-standing tradition of assistance and advice provided to individuals wishing to move into Switzerland or leave for another country.

Après avoir pris en considération l’ensemble des possibilités eu égard à la nationalité des personnes concernées, Avocats Ador & Associés SA établit une stratégie d’entente avec ses clients. Avocats Ador & Associés SA prépare ensuite les dossiers nécessaires et assume la collaboration avec les avocats, conseillers, instituts bancaires ou experts-comptables du pays d’accueil.

As additional benefit in such cases, our lawyers will provide clients with advice as to the place of the domicile of the families and other aspects of relocation.

Business Law
Forte d’une pratique développée dans les domaines du droit des sociétés et du droit commercial, l’Étude Avocats Ador & Associés SA offre …
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Family law
Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd provides legal advice and services of representation in the areas of family and succession law...
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Litigation & arbitration
A significant portion of the activity of Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd relates to the resolution of civil litigations by the means of negotiations…
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Labor law & International organizations
Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd represents companies, directors, offices as well as international civil servants in labor law...
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Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd has set up the legal structure of numerous real estate and development projects...
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Estate Planning, Trusts, Foundations
With many years of experience in trusts and asset protection subject to European, British or American estate taxes...
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Tax law
Les avocats de l’Étude Avocats Ador & Associés SA conseillent leurs clients pour tout ce qui a trait à la planification fiscale et successora …
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Intellectual Property
In particular in the fields of communication technologies, Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd performs all steps required to set up appropriate...
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