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Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd has a well- established experience in the following fields:

Thierry Ador


Intellectual Property

In particular in the fields of communication technologies, Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd performs all steps required to set up appropriate corporate vehicles, draw up legal documents and develop strategies while taking into account all related tax and business issues. In doing so, they ensure that technical, professional and business secrets of the clients and other data remain confidential.

Le droit des brevets, des marques, d’auteur, des logiciels, d’Internet, des noms de domaine, ainsi que des biens immatériels sont des activités dans lesquelles Avocats Ador & Associés SA fournit également conseils et assistance à ses clients.

Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd’s list of clients includes a large number of artists, collectors, investors as well as brokerage firms, auction houses and galleries. In these fields of expertise, Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd is entrusted with all transactional aspects including commission on works of art, sales, purchases, private sales, auction sales, exhibits, as well as transactions through intermediaries, private sales, banking agreements, imports, exports, and storage in customs-free areas, insurance and transport contracts.

Similarly, Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd implements transactions, banking arrangements, import, export and deposition, insurance and transportation contracts.

Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd also work with agents specialized in intellectual property.

Business Law
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Family law
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Litigation & arbitration
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Droit administratif général, Droit des étrangers, Installation en Suisse
Attorneys Ador & Partners Ltd has a long-standing tradition of assistance and advice provided to individuals
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Labor law & International organizations
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Estate Planning, Trusts, Foundations
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Tax law
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